I take pleasure in the arduous work of the ceramic studio. The labor of this art form is fulfilling. It is with a tenacious desire that I create things with my hands. I make pots for utility,  celebration and nourishment.  This nourishment feeds the body and mind with daily food and drink, celebratory events or the more contemplative moments of sipping a morning tea.


The most important things in my life remain centered in home, family, friends, and community. Gathering for a simple meal, morning coffee with a friend, drinks on a Friday night or celebrations of love, birth, and holiday. To create pottery to serve the sustenance that these events are centered upon is gratifying.


I enjoy working within the parameters of utility as utility allows the viewer to participate in the aesthetic arrangement. I use cheerful, delicate, playful imagery to adorn my work. I find much joy in watching a potential customer interact with my pots when that warming smile comes to their face as they turn the piece in their hands. A smile shared just between the patron, the pot, and maker looking on. This a beautiful thing to witness. It feeds my soul.


Stoneware Pots 2013

Porcelaneous Pots 2013

Porcelaneous Pots 2012

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